The Steampunk Adventure’s Guide – A Review

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our very first book review. Today we will be reviewing The Steampunk Adventure’s Guide by Thomas Willeford. This lovely book is a non-fiction guide for beginner crafters and even advanced crafters who are looking for an easy project idea.

The Steampunk Adventure’s Guide begins with the basic and simple explanation of what Steampunk is. What follows next is a chapter full of recommended tools and materials. These materials and tools can be found in any crafting store or even in your own home, like two 2 liters bottles which is used one of the projects. This book is filled with nine simple projects; a Decoder Armguard, a Signaling Periscope, a set of Goggles, a Grappling Hook Launcher, an Airship Harness, a pair of Glider Wings, a River Gun, a Power Armor, and a Magnetic Amplification Gauntlet and a Rocket Pack. They are actually so simple that if you have little ones than you can even do these projects with them.

At the beginning of each chapter is a short little blub that forms into one big story and afterwards begins the project. Each project comes with detailed instructions and pictures so you can follow along with no problem if that is what you wish to do. If there happens to be a need to follow pattern or there is some weird measurement in the directions that you just don’t understand, you can find it in the back just for you. Trust me when I say you probably don’t want to buy this book second hand in case those patterns are missing. Or do buy it if you are an amazing artist, I am not.

I give this book 4 Airships out of 5 even if it is aimed more towards beginners.


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