A Thing Goes BOOM!

(Disclaimer: I have not been paid for the use of these products or was I paid by the stores where I purchased these items. These are things that I have found and liked. I repeat, these things and stores that I frequent are done because I like them. Please choose what you are comfortable with.)

So what is a Steampunk DIY blog without doing a DIY Steampunk gun? Well absolutely nothing, that’s what. Just kidding, you can do an entire Steampunk DIY and never touch a Steampunk gun if that is not your thing. In our household, we like shiny and we like weapons.  So let’s move on to making an extremely bright Nerf Gun into a shiny metal Steampunk gun.

So the Husband and I were at our local toy store and we were looking around at all the Nerf Guns (he really likes Nerf Guns). I, on the other hand started to look at them as a next possible project because of PROJECTS! Now, he wasn’t really really into the entire idea of Steampunking his precious Nerf Guns but that all changed when we walked into our local craft store. Once he began to look at all the components, well then he began to get all excited. It is kind of hard not to get excited when you are in a craft store surrounded by possible components with a new shiny toy.

Before the paint
Before the paint. I know…I know…there are more guns here then what I am showing in this DIY blog but these babies take time to do because they are all hand painted. Pssst….can you tell I have spray painted some stars copper? Yeah that will be a project I will show you later down the road when I am finished with it.

So when it comes to your new shiny toy gun, you will want to spray paint this thing with a primer coat. Most of these toy guns will be brightly colored and you will not want to attack this with your paint head on. Well unless you do your primer coat as a metallic paint and age it that way. Side note and important side note: if you paint your toy gun, top and bottom, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT INTO THE STREET. The reason why toy guns have bright orange nozzles in so that police officers know that they are toys. This is for your safety and for the safety of those around you. I did a flat gray paint job.

Layering Shotgun
Well you can see the gray primer paint that I used and…well the paint I started to use on the gun. Horrible DIY blogger, I forgot to take pictures again.

So I decided that I wanted to not do a flat coat of metallic spray paint on these and I took the long route by hand painting. The paint I used was Craft Smart. Those little bottles go a long way so don’t worry too much on buying a ton of it. I used three or four coats of the paint and maybe used about half of each bottle. It does take some time to hand paint (side note for those that want to paint quickly and move on..don’t hand paint) but I love the ability to paint what sections I want with a particular color and age it how I want to. Also, you can notice that I did not dismantle the gun. Some people choose to dismantle their guns but that is WAY too much time for me. So I painted the gun and it took two days.

Paint All Done
Painting all done. Sort of. I had to add some later paint.

It was now time to add the details to the gun. I found some really kick ass metal looking lace filigree. That went on to the side of the gun and the top of the stock. Then I added some adorable little skulls because what is a gun without skulls? Also, it really goes with my personality and my cute little top hat I got during Halloween but it was still missing something. You see that gray area on the top of the shotgun? That opens up and I wanted to put something in it but I couldn’t figure out what. That is when the Husband suggested the little skulls from Halloween because I already had skulls on it and then it all clicked. YES! So in went a little skull, some copper spring and a tiny glass vial.

Close up of Skull Power
Close up on the skull power insert. Also, pretty metal flower.

Also, the barrel was missing something. I knew I wanted something on the barrel. Couldn’t have raised letters, that wasn’t going to look proper and then it was off to the wood burning gun on low setting to inscribe the words Attitude Adjuster in the Witch’s Alphabet (it just looks cooler).

Top View

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I added leather workings around the trigger guard and the brace. I added some pretty metal flowers to the top, cause I am a girl and a girl needs flowers on her shiny gun of doom. Also, I know…I know…it’s a Steampunk troupe but gears went over the ends of the leather on the brace. I really need to cover the ends of the leather. Gears are so small, they work perfectly. Can you blame me?

Close Up Rifle
Side view of the pretty shiny Attitude Adjuster.
Top View Closed
Top view of the pretty gun with a closed lid.
Top Poped
Top opened so you can see the power.

This project took several days because of the layering required for the hand painting. Surprisingly the little bit of aging that I did, did not take too much time at all but getting the coloring did take some blending. It is a fun project to do if you have to the time to do it. Or you can do the easy way by using spray paint, it really is the easiest way to do it. Either way, take your time, have fun with it. Make the gun unique and your own.

Next week:

Monday: Soulless – A Parasol Protectorate Book – Review

Wednesday: A Look at Victorian England

Friday: Tick Tock It’s Time For Tea DIY

Now go out and PUNK IT ALL!

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