Sunday Driver – A Band Review

Sunday Driver, is a band that was formed in the summer of 2000 by lead singer Chandrika “Chandy” Nath. It has grown from a small acoustic act to a riotous 7-piece band, playing headline gigs in the UK and abroad, creating music that blends contemporary sounds with Eastern influences and instrumentation.

Their second album was released in April of 2012 and received rave reviews across the board from broadsheets like the Sunday Times and Financial Times right though to small indie blogs; such as The New Lo-Fi.

Building on the success of the Arts Council-funded album, In the City of Dreadful Night (2009), Sunday Driver has played increasingly high-profile gigs in the UK and abroad, ranging from arts venues to large melas and outdoor music festivals. In 2011 the band played at venues and festivals across the UK as well as Germany and the USA, including the UK Steampunk convention in Lincoln and the World Steam Expo in Michigan.
Sunday Driver’s album list is the following

  • Sacred Cow/ The Man from Bombay (2001) (Demo Compilation)
  • More than Flies(2002) (EP)
  • Underground(2003) (EP)
  • In the City of Dreadful Night(2008) (Debut Full Length Album)
  • The Mutiny(2012)

Sunday Driver is a band that is a hit and a miss with me. Some of their songs I really like and others I skip. I will admit that they do have a unique sound that intrigue(d) me. With the right song, the unique sound enhances the lyrics but in other instances it pulls away. It’s not a bad band, it just isn’t that great.

I give this band 3 out of 5 Airships.

Now go out AND PUNK IT ALL!


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